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Soccer Organisation, Tournament and Club Member Management Software in Australia. Try Squad Deck for free schedule maker, member registration, referral program, or sports website builder. Manage all activities of your Soccer organizations with simple enrollment. Squad Deck is built for both web and mobile that works beautifully on all devices.


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Squad Deck offers the fastest technology that allows you to perform more tasks with fewer clicks.

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Squad Deck is hosted on Amazon’s servers (AWS) so your information is secure.

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Squad Deck offers the fastest technology that allows you to perform more tasks with fewer clicks.

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Get a Perfect Sports Shop Management System with all eCommerce facilities.

Squad Deck provides you a dedicated eCommerce platform for your sports equipment, jersey, joggers and all other products that represent your brand. You will be able to manage product sales, payment gateway and all facilities of an eCommerce system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is SquadDeck?

SquadDeck is an advanced organisational membership and team management platform that helps manage sports academies, and sports organizations, clubs, leagues, sports teams, social groups, and membership organisations perform functions including membership registration, dues payment collection, team and schedule creation, Sports events, league and tournament management, field, personnel, website content, web merch store sales, live chat, and much more.

SquadDeck helps managers to run their organisation, parents and guardians to support their children, coaches to coach their players and to manage their teams, athletes to excel at sports, and everybody else to get connected with their club or team.

2.How long does it take to set up an account?

Setup is fast and easy and takes about 10 minutes. You can customise your whole website to get the best performance possible, weather you're a newbie or a skilled website developer. No technical skills are required, and our support is available to help with anything you have trouble with. What have you got to lose? Let's go!

3.Do you have any support fees or additional charges?

Support is always free and our experts can help with any issues you encounter from setup to deployment.

4.Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of subscription?

Yes, you can change or upgrade your plan at any time you want.

5.What sports does SquadDeck support?

We support all kinds of sports but each of our templates can be tailored to suit your own purposes. We've already built some basic templates or certain popular sports.

6.Can I get custom email address with my domain name?

Yes, ofcourse, and we don't charge for it, infact you will also get an individual website, powerful functional CMS System, Responsive website, custom eamil and many more.

7.Can we download and export our data from?

Yes, you can download and export most of your data like registrations, payments, staff members, Coaches, trainers etc...

8.What if I need custom features from SquadDeck?

We will be more than happy to hear your requirements. After gathering all requirements from you, we will evaluate them for you immediately. If we cannot accept your request for any reason, we will let you know.

9.How can a player signup for our club / team / league?

Players can signup anytime through your website and join your club/league/team. When a player register admins will get notification. Additionally, admins themself can also add players.

10.Do I need to install any additional software?

Not at all. You don't need to install any software. SquadDeck is a web-based application / software that you can access using any internet browser or smartphones. If you want to use SquadDeck through your smartphone, you just need to install SquadDeck app.

11.Do I need any technical knowledge for using SquadDeck?

No, you don't need any technical knowledge for using SquadDeck. What you need is just basic internet knowledge. That's it

1.How much does SquadDeck subscription costs?

We've got a range of pricing options depending on the features you need. If you opt for a paid account, you'll eperience the benefits of reduced processing fees and more options to choose from. All the SquadDeck subscription fees include everything including support, hosting, security and much more. Best of all, no need for expensive website experts! Manage the SquadDeck way! Please visit our pricing page to see subscription fee.

2.ICan I cancel my subscription?

Yes, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it at any time you want.

3.What is the difference between each plan?

Please click here and visit pricing page, here you will find our pricing plan side by side.

4.Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of the subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time you want.

5.Any additional charges or support fees?

Absolutely No... Our subscription fee includes everything, and we never charge for consulting or support

6.Are there any long-term contracts?

No... We don't have any long-term contracts for our users. But, if you prefer a long-term contract for favorable pricing, we will be more than happy to work with you.

7.How long can I use SquadDeck for free?

SquadDeck software system is completely free, you can use it as long as you want and you can add unlimited members, coaches, and trainers. We only charge when you extend your team & players, check our pricing plans for better understand.

8.What payment modes do you support?

We only accept stripe for payment.

9.How much does SquadDeck cost to make a website?

Our system will provide you a complete Free Website, you don't need to pay for that, but if you want a custom website, we will be more than happy to fullfil your requiremnts, and pricing will depend on your customization, but for an idea Please visit our pricing page to see subscription fee and custom website cost.

10.How can I get a discount?

Actually our system is completely FREE, you don't need to pay until you make money through our system.

11.Can the free account become a premium account?

Yes, your free account will automatically become premium account when you upgrade your account

1.How a kid will get registered for the program?

Parents will register their kids through your website as well as matured players can also register the program themself.

2.How Can I collect payments? online or offline?

Both options are available, you just need to select the option you want while setting up the program.

3.How do I create installments?

To update the registrant payment, just find the registrant and confirm from your panel and update and you can also print the payment slip.

4.How do I update a registrant payment status?

You can update a registrant payment status just clicking a button under payment status for every player.

5.Can I have an invitation based registrations?

Yes, ofcourse, you will get a short link to share and invite people to register.

6.How do I get more information from my customers?

While you create an event or program, you can attach custom fields in registration process, so that you get the information whatever you want when someone register.

7.How do I get more information from my customers?

While you create an event or program, you can attach custom fields in registration process, so that you get the information whatever you want when someone register.

8.Can registrants upload the documents?

Yes, registrants can upload documents whatever you want.

9.How can a player signup for our club/league?

Typically players can signup for your organization through your website, and additionaly organization admins can add players without registration.

10.How do I track my unpaid registrations?

You will get notification for your unpaid registrants and can view full list from.

11.How do I collect recurring payments?

While creating an event or program, you will find the payment type, and you define yourself what type of payments suits you best, cash or online.

12.Does "SquadDeck" support family member discounts?

If you want to create discounts for family members or any other player, you can do it any time from discount option.

13.How do I view all my registrations?

To view all your registrations, navigate to Registration > All Registrations from your panel.

1.How can I collect payments online?

You can collect payments on your way as you wannt, whether cash or online you select which suits you best

2.What are the payment processing charges?

It depends on your payment gateway how you collect payments from your members.

3.How do I update a registrant payment status?

You can update a registrant payment status just clicking a button under payment status for every player.

4.What payment gateways do you support?

We support stripe for payment gateway. At the end of the month, you have to pay us subscription fee through Stripe

5.What is the payment process ?

You will collect payments from your members instantly and directly to your account through your selected method, we don't have any control on that, but at the end of the month you will get a bill from SquadDeck which you have to pay through stipe.

6.Can I collect both online and offline payments?

Yes, you can collect both online and offline payments.

7.How do I generate payment reports?

Our system will do that, when you add a new member or registrant get registered, system will detect everything and you will find option to generate payment report.

8.I have already one marchant account, Can I use it for payment ?

Yes, ofcourse. You can use any method you already have.

9.How do I track my unpaid registrations?

Our system will notify you for unpaid registrantions, you can contact them throuh our system.

10.If there is fraudulent activity on our payments? Is SquadDeck responsible for it ?

Actually it depends on your payment gateway how you collect payments from your members. SquadDeck will not be responsible for it.

11.How do I collect recurring payments?

While creating an event or program, you will find the payment type, and you define yourself what type of payments suits you best, cash or online.

1.Can I cancel a schedule?

Yes, you can create and cancel a schedule any time when you want. click here to see the tutorials.

2.Will the team members get notified when I cancel the schedule?

Yes, when you cancel any schedul, everyone who are related to the event, will be notified through push notification.

3.Can I export my schedules?

Yes you can export and print a hard copy of your schedule, event, members list etc.

4.How do I send a message to the team members about the schedule?

When you schedule a Game/Event/Practice select the option to notify team members, then members will be automatically notified through sms and push notification

5.Can I sync my schedules with external calendars like Google, iCalender...?

Yes, you can sync your schedules with external calendars.

6.Can I update game scores?

Yes you can update Game scores. click here to see the tutorials.

7.Can I update game scores?

Yes you can update Game scores. click here to see the tutorials.

8.Can I generate tournament and league schedules?

yes, you can generate tournament and league schedules, click here to see the tutorials.

1.How can I activate my website?

After registration, you will get an active website template, you will just need to add your business information.

2.Can I customize my website?

Yes, you can customize everything from our template for your business.

3.What will be my website address?

Your website address will be your customized address for your busieness

4.Can I get a custom domain for my website?

Yes, you can get custom domain for your website from us, but not from SquadDeck. We provide domain and hosting services, Professional Web Design and Development Services.

5.Will I get help from you to build my website?

Of-course, you are always welcome.

6.Can I request a SSL Certificate for my domain?

Yes, you will get SSL Certificate for your website.

7.How much does it cost to make a website?

Please check our pricing section at Pricing page.

8.Can I move my website to my host?

Yes, of-course, you can move your website to your host.

1.How do I renew my subscription?

When it's time for your subscription to expire, you'll have renewal options available in your account, which will appear 1 week before the expiration date.

2.How do I add staff members?

Please visit support.squaddeck.com for tutorial on how to use SquadDeck.

3.For a staff member, can I give limited access to the application?

There is no limit to use SquadDeck, it's completely FREE for all.

4.What age group is best for using SquadDeck?

Everyone above 18+ is best for using SquadDeck. But gardian will use the SquadDeck instead of below 18 children.

5.What sports are covered?

We covers all major sports. About 50+ sports are growing.

6.How is SquadDeck unique?

SquadDeck is unique because it offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically to the needs of sports organizations, clubs, and membership groups. It provides a one-stop-shop for membership management, team organization, event management, website content management, and more.

7.How much will SquadDeck cost?

SquadDeck is a completely FREE to use, everything is free to use, you will just provide Subscription free at the end of the month. please visit the pricing page.

8.Is SquadDeck for people in Australia only?

No, SquadDeck is a global platform that can be used by sports organizations, clubs, and membership groups around the world. It is designed to support different types of sports and allows for customization to suit the needs of different organizations.

9.Is SquadDeck affiliated with any sport organizations?

While we do not offer direct services for connecting athletes with coaches or other sports programs, we do provide valuable information regarding the local sports programs in your vicinity. This information can be of great help in connecting you with the right coaches and athletes.

10.Does SquadDeck provide any sports information?

Certainly not, however, we do provide valuable insights about the nearby sports initiatives in your area to help you establish connections with coaches and fellow athletes.

11.Is SquadDeck safe for my kid?

SquadDeck is a secure platform designed specifically for children to create and develop their athletic profile. Hence, it is completely safe to use. This feature makes SquadDeck an ideal tool to facilitate this aspect of the young athletes' growth.


What makes SquadDeck so beloved by clients?

Discover the ways in which SquadDeck has enabled our clientele to enhance their business operations.


Simon Pincic

Operations Manager at Pro Sports Group Australia

SquadDeck has been great to work with. The staff seems to want to truly help the users be successful. The system had plenty of features available to leagues and tournament organizers. It seems to encompass all things we were looking for. Waiting for the statistics and player analysis portion and also to be geared to more individual sports.


Panagiotis Fassas

Millennial Success Coach

We have been using SquadDeck for about a year. Other than a few minor issues, overall, it is working well for us. Now all the coaches have adopted it, and they use it regularly. The scheduling part works well. The organization schedulers add the schedules, then the team coaches can independently manage them on their own. Also, the mobile app. As an admin, it gives me full control over all the teams.


Artur Sahakyan

CEO at FC Noah

SquadDeck has served our association with smart solutions. Now we can manage all our sports, teams and registered members very easily. We also can book and schedule our games in different venues. It has reduced our human effort and we can run our whole association with this system. It also sends us weather updates and sports news as a bonus feature.


Jero Okhidemeh’s

Chairman at Afemai Football Academy

It was very easy to reach people and manage their activities in our club. Special thanks to SquadDeck for adding some features that we asked for. The software program has served our association well. The app connects all of our members to their account and personalities their experience. The software developers at SportsPlus have provided great support along the way and tailored features to suit our needs better.


Alaa Fathy

Executive Director at Egyptian federation of Sports for all

This app has made it simple and easy to communicate and schedule all information for our parents and players. The mobile app continues to improve making it simple to have information on the go. I can easily move players from one team to the other with the click of a button. I recommend a simple process to delete old information.


Chris Orr

Owner & Managing Director of Pacific Sports Management

SquadDeck team works aggressively to resolve issues when they are identified and is very open to enhancements to the overall program that lend itself to help make a better product. It is the one software that offered complete management of our league, from people to schedules and asset management. It also allowed us to tie in a robust Website into all the other functions the software allows.