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Guardian and Player Management

Easily register and manage all of your players and members with our straightforward registration process. Our system offers a unique feature that allows for managing the guardians of underage players. With our system, you can effortlessly handle hundreds or thousands of players, members, and guardians across various games all within one platform.

Guardian and Player Management

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Squad Deck provides state-of-the-art technology for accomplishing multiple tasks with minimal clicks at lightning-fast speeds.

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Your information is safe as Squad Deck is hosted on Amazon's secure servers (AWS).

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The app with the highest level of flexibility and user-friendliness.


The top-notch app for managing intelligent, multi-person teams in the cloud.

Easily handle your members and players by utilising our straightforward registration process. Our system offers a unique feature for managing guardians of underage players. With ease, you can effectively manage hundreds or thousands of players, members, and guardians across multiple games within one system.

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Responsive website with exclusive subdomain and tailored CMS.

Squad Deck provides sports clubs with a fully responsive website and a custom CMS, along with a distinctive subdomain. With Squad Deck, sports clubs can create websites tailored to their specific needs. The custom CMS enables you to handle your website's content and features using a single, easy-to-use platform. The one-of-a-kind subdomain assists in setting your website apart from the rest.

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Begin Your Season of Victory with Squad Deck

Easily handle registration for all members and players with our simple system. Our system includes a special feature for managing guardians of underage players. With just one system, you can manage hundreds or even thousands of players, members, and guardians across multiple games.

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What makes SquadDeck so beloved by clients?

Discover the ways in which SquadDeck has enabled our clientele to enhance their business operations.


Simon Pincic

Operations Manager at Pro Sports Group Australia

SquadDeck has been great to work with. The staff seems to want to truly help the users be successful. The system had plenty of features available to leagues and tournament organizers. It seems to encompass all things we were looking for. Waiting for the statistics and player analysis portion and also to be geared to more individual sports.


Panagiotis Fassas

Millennial Success Coach

We have been using SquadDeck for about a year. Other than a few minor issues, overall, it is working well for us. Now all the coaches have adopted it, and they use it regularly. The scheduling part works well. The organization schedulers add the schedules, then the team coaches can independently manage them on their own. Also, the mobile app. As an admin, it gives me full control over all the teams.


Artur Sahakyan

CEO at FC Noah

SquadDeck has served our association with smart solutions. Now we can manage all our sports, teams and registered members very easily. We also can book and schedule our games in different venues. It has reduced our human effort and we can run our whole association with this system. It also sends us weather updates and sports news as a bonus feature.


Jero Okhidemeh’s

Chairman at Afemai Football Academy

It was very easy to reach people and manage their activities in our club. Special thanks to SquadDeck for adding some features that we asked for. The software program has served our association well. The app connects all of our members to their account and personalities their experience. The software developers at SportsPlus have provided great support along the way and tailored features to suit our needs better.


Alaa Fathy

Executive Director at Egyptian federation of Sports for all

This app has made it simple and easy to communicate and schedule all information for our parents and players. The mobile app continues to improve making it simple to have information on the go. I can easily move players from one team to the other with the click of a button. I recommend a simple process to delete old information.


Chris Orr

Owner & Managing Director of Pacific Sports Management

SquadDeck team works aggressively to resolve issues when they are identified and is very open to enhancements to the overall program that lend itself to help make a better product. It is the one software that offered complete management of our league, from people to schedules and asset management. It also allowed us to tie in a robust Website into all the other functions the software allows.