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Squad Deck is a software designed to manage Sports Academies or Organisations. With Squad Deck, managing your sports academy, club or organisation is made easy with minimal paperwork. We are a team of enthusiastic software developers, dedicated to improving your youth sports experience by providing smart solutions. By utilising SquadDeck, sports organisations can easily manage their daily activities, coaches can effectively instruct and manage their teams, athletes can excel at sports and everyone can stay connected with their club, team or athlete.


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Our Mission & Vision

Our rugby game club's mission is to cultivate a community that is passionate about the sport and embodies its values of teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive environment that welcomes people of all ages, genders and skill levels to come and play rugby. Our goal is to promote physical and mental well-being through the sport, while nurturing a love for rugby that will last a lifetime.

We envision a future where our rugby game club sets the standard for excellence on and off the field. We strive to grow and develop as a club, bringing together dedicated players, coaches, and volunteers.